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Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Pune

I know not where the white road runs, nor what the blue hills are; But a man can have the sun for a friend, and for his guide a star; And there's no end of voyaging when once the voice is heard, For the rivers call, and the roads call, and oh! the Call of the Bird!                                                                               G.L.Gould Yes, this very call of the birds made me decide to venture into a scrub land habitat in Pune. My birding friends came up with a suggestion to visit  Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, a little known avian paradise about 70 Kms east of Pune on the Solapur Highway.    Little did I know that this deciduous forest, interspersed with grasslands, would unveil a world of 'dream come true' with its varied biodiversity. For many years this was a barren land devoid of any vegetation. Systematic plantations were then undertaken by the forest department. Many trees and various types of grasses were sown. It has now metamorphosed