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Indian Eagle Owl

Hello, I am Bubo. I am two years old.   I have been called by many names, but I simply loved it, when I was christened Indian Eagle Owl .   A good dose of patriotism courses through my veins too. You see!!!                    A countless lore, myths and superstitions surround my family and me. We are perhaps the only birds that have captured the imagination of the humans throughout the centuries. Probably for all the wrong reasons, I wonder!!   Either we send a creepy shudder through the spine or make people open their eyes wide in wonder and marvel at our beauty and elegance.          We live in a very beautiful rocky ravine. Our residence is made of many stone boulders on which we can lazily perch. A leisurely gurgling stream runs through our ravine and creates a mystic ambience. Gently sloping hills and a thick green forest complete my enchanting habitat. Many of our relatives live in grasslands, semi arid deserts and some even have learnt to live near human habitation.